Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weigh in day!

I lost 1 pound this week!  Hooray!

I'll be honest - it's been a week full of stress.  Most of you know why.  There were a lot of days that I didn't drink water, and there was one day that we ate out and ate BAD food.

Yesterday was a good day.  I ate well and had one snack during the day - an orange.  I bought some bottled water at the grocery store.  Our water here is good, but it's hard for me to carry a glass of water around all day because I'm afraid one of the kids is going to dump it.  I can refill these bottles, too, so it'll be nice.  

I took my vitamin this morning and am eating some cereal.  Trying to get my fiber with some Shredded Wheat.  I'm battling a migraine, which is a combination of hormones, stress, and not drinking as much caffeine as normal.  

Thanks for checking in with me.  Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but it was one of those days...


Mary said...

Yippee for one pound loss. That's a great start.

Becca and Jason said...

Woo-hoo! A pound (or a half a pound, or a quarter of a pound) is success! Good for you that you didn't let a bad day dictate your whole week! Woo-hoo!

The Little Wife said...

Congrats on the loss!

Thos caffeine withdrawal migraines are the worst!!!!