Saturday, April 5, 2008


I had an awesome surprise yesterday!  My husband's boat had an unexpected problem, so they're home for the weekend.  How awesome is that?

Now, for some not-so-good news.  I have been busting my patootie doing the elliptical and crunches, drinking water, water, water, and really paying attention to what's going in my mouth.  I've been weighing in the mornings, just watching how things fluctuate.  I somehow gained 4 lbs in a day - ?  How does that work?  

I guess I need to stick to just weighing on Wednesday mornings.  If you have any insight, I'd be glad to hear it.  It's pretty demoralizing to see a weight higher than I've weighed since I was pregnant after I start really taking care of myself.

I have been doing a great job taking my vitamin and drinking lots of water.  I'm drinking 80-100 oz every day.  If I can drink one more bottle of water a day, I'll be at about a gallon.  

Thanks for checking on me!

Oh, and for breakfast today I had one waffle and 2 hard boiled eggs.  :)  I've all ready had a bottle of water and half a cup of coffee with one tsp of creamer.  


Becca and Jason said...

DO NOT, under any circumstances, weigh yourself more than once a week!!! Seriously, you'll flucuate a TON over the course of a week, so pick a day, and stick with it! In fact, for the time being, while you get yourself more into the habits of good eating and good living, don't weigh yourself at all. Go by how you feel overall (it's amazing how fast you can start feeling healthier!), and how your clothes are fitting. Wait to get on the scale until you feel like you're in the groove. And, if you can't wait, or really want a number, just do it once a week.

It sounds like you're REALLY doing well! Keep it up!!

The Little Wife said...

I agree with Becca. Once a week weigh-ins only!

Great job. You are doing FANTASTIC!

Mary said...

I agree with Becca - my clothes all fit better, yet the scale says I am also up 4 pounds this week. After I damn near threw the scale through the window, I decided to just tuck it under the bathroom sink for a week or two and just keep plugging along.

Be sure to get plenty of fiber in your diet. :)