Saturday, July 26, 2008


Here are the latest in my series of pics of my progress.  Yay for seeing a difference in my tummy!   The first pics were taken when I first started WW, the second is from 6/9 and the final pic in each set is from today.  

I've gotta get back on track and determined again.  I wanna keep seeing progress like this!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Didn't post yesterday...

Okay, so yesterday was weigh-in day.  To tell the truth, I was hoping if I held out until today, I'd have a better number to post.  Oh, well.

I weighed in at 190.5.  No change.

I can't help but be disappointed, even though I know I wasn't following my plan for the most part last week.  My mom and grandmother were in town, we were doing a lot of running around, and Nanny made tea cakes.  Um, can you say 2 sticks of butter?  Yeah.  The good thing is that I haven't eaten any since they left.  I'm trying to save them for Stuart.  <3

I was SO hoping to be down 20 lbs when he came home, but alas, I guess I should've kept working hard instead of slacking off.  I have started back with my DVDs for pilates and dancing.  I've been missing that.

I got my bathing suits in the mail, BTW.  I got a great one for now, and the one for later.  The one for later is going to be SO great!  I can all ready put it on, but it doesn't fit.  (KWIM?)  

Thanks for the e-mails, private messages, and comments.  This accountability means everything to me!

Now, please pray I don't blow it when Stuart gets home.  ;)

*my diet, I mean...  :blushes:

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shut Right On UP!

Guess what I bought yesterday?

no, really... guess!

Okay, I'll tell you...

a pair of size 10 pants!  That FIT!  

I know!  I can't believe it, either!  I didn't even try them on.  I just grabbed 'em off the rack and brought 'em home.  =D  I am thrilled beyond all belief!  If I could be in an 8 by Christmas, I'll have met my goal in 7 months.  As it stands, I haven't worn a 10 since 2000.  

I'm still needing a 12 in most pants, but this 10 really made my day!

Keep encouraging me, please!  I've gotta keep this up!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This one's gonna be short and sweet

Weigh in today:  190.5.  

I'm down 1 pound this week for 19 total.  I'm really excited.  I've got my mom and Nanny on their way as I type to visit for a few days.  I'm hoping I'll be able to keep everything under control and not gain.  I'd really like to see 189.5 by the time Stuart gets home.

Thanks for your support.  Please keep checking on me.  This accountability helps so much.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, tonight I made a decision and went ahead and ordered 10 Minute Trainer.
It should be here in 5-7 days, and I'm excited. I need a little something to get me motivated, and spice things up. This seems like a good program, it doesn't promise that you get to sit and do nothing while melting away the pounds. It's a workout program, and I think it looks pretty good.
I feel like I need to up my physical activity - maybe that will release those feely-good hormones and give me the little boost I need :)
I haven't talked to anyone that's tried it yet, so I guess I'm the guinea pig for the job!

I'll give you all a full report when it comes in and I try it out. It looks challenging yet do-able at the same time :)

I'm gonna give the REAL Malibu Barbie a run for her flippin money!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, having an alright week this week. I had a rotten day yesterday (blah!).
But I had a good conversation with a great friend last night and we got on the subject of I just kinda feel like I'm frazzled and stressed out and I'm wondering if I should get my unhappy ass on some anti-depressants. I think it's tying in to the beating myself up when I don't do as well as I'm expecting myself do to on this "change" in my life and eating habits.
It would normally be a simple thing, but with TTC I don't want to put myself on those kinds of pills only to yank myself off of them when (if?) I get pregnant.
My friend brought up the advice of taking a vitamin, with a b complex in it. I've seen some vitamins that are helpful in weightloss on tv - so I think I'm going to pick 'em up and see if I can't get this little black cloud to stop following me around! Man, it's so draining!
I know that change is usually a good thing, but I'm trying to change the way I eat. Trying to change the way I clean house. Trying to change my surroundings (IE - PCS!), trying to change my fertility issues ... and I think I'm just on a bit of an overload.
Hopefully this vitamin will be JUST the little boost that I need!

I'm happy to report that I'm fitting VERY nicely in to my 14's. I was a 16 previously. I haven't noticed a change in my shirt sizes, and I didn't really expect to. I think with my bust, I'm always going to be at least a large in shirts.
When I get back in 12's I will be pre-baby size, and that to me will be absolutely amazing! Every size down after that will just be icing on the damn cake :)

NSV - Non-Scale Victory!

Yesterday I was wandering around Target with Logan.  Chase is at morning activities this week, and I had some time to kill.  I wandered by the racks of clearance clothes and spotted a really cute dress.  I didn't have time to go try it on and all of that, so I picked up a size Large and brought it home.

Much to my surprise, when I tried it on, it was TOO BIG!  Woooo Hoooo!  Makes me feel SO good.  Really, it does.  I mean, the last time I've needed a size medium in something was...well, I don't even remember.  LOL!

In other shopping news...

I ordered my goal swimsuit last night.  It's on clearance and an EXCELLENT price.  Beyond excellent, really.  After much deliberation about the size to order, I selected - get this - a size 8!  I'm in a 12 now, and I still have at least 25 lbs to go.  I cannot believe that I might actually wear an 8 after the first of the year.  

Look out world.  I finally care about myself.  I'm taking care of myself.

...and, by golly, I'm gonna look great soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Amber's smokin' me man! But I'm gonna catch up :D
My weight this week is at a stall. I was kind of surprised because last week I lost a tad over 3 pounds, I think it had a lot to do with being sick, but I'll still take it baby!
I had to eat some "heavier" foods because the meds we're messing up my tummy. I'm thinking that's what did me in, plus I used all my extra points for this week because of it.

On a fun note, a few weeks back I found a pair of old - ok, they are from high school- jeans of mine, and I thought about how great it would be to fit back in to them.
It also led in to how I thought I was "so fat" back then. I really had it in my mind that I was a "fat" then, as I am now. How I'm looking now, is how I perceived myself to look then.
Gawd, if I could only go back in time and smack myself across the face! For me to be a size 11 and have the larger bust even back then - I looked DAMN good.

I'm gonna post up a picture so you can laugh at the jeans - they have rhinestones on the rear pockets, and are "so 90's" LOL. But I'm tellin' ya'll, if I can get my ass back in to them, I'm gonna strut around like a prize peacock :)

'Like a rhinestone cowboy...'

So, my two biggest motivations right now are:
1. The possibility of going "home" this upcoming transfer season (09). I absolutely CANNOT go "home" looking the way that I do.
Plus, I want to shut my 'hundred pounds soaking wet' mother up for GOOD.
2. I'm gonna rock those jeans if it KILLS me! ;)

I'm contemplating ordering 10minutetrainer - anyone use it before? good/bad?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday means weigh in day!!!

This week I discovered something evil.  I had the ingredients to make a loaf of banana bread.  I had 4 bananas that were ripe, and I had to do something with them.  I couldn't think of anything to do!  I ended up modifying a recipe I found on the back of a flour bag.  

In all, it wasn't BAD... I used the heart healthy Bisquick because I didn't have enough flour here to use.  I was supposed to put yogurt in it, but didn't have any besides strawberry banana.  LOL!  Instead, I used sugar free, fat free vanilla pudding.  Walnuts would've made it perfect - and more points.  As it was, it ended up like 6 points a slice.  I am so thankful for the recipe builder on the WW site.  It is so easy to use!  Incredibly easy.  

I'm still having my stress-induced carb cravings.  I'm giving in just enough, but not too much.  I'm on stress overload.  I've got one son full-force in the terrible twos.  I mean, REALLY.  The other is starting to really miss Daddy, and is getting ready to start school.  I miss Stuart, too, on top of money being ... well, tight is putting it mildly.  

In the midst of it all, and with a screaming two year old in my lap, I am happy to report that today's weigh-in is:

191.5  Down 2 pounds this week; 18 since May 1!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Weigh in... dum dum duuuuuuuuum...

I lamented yesterday that the stress has been making me want to eat.  Now I'm ready for my full confession.  On Monday, I ate Taco Bell for lunch and a pint of Haagen Dazs before bed.  I'm not proud of myself, and it didn't make me feel any better.  Mostly bloated and tore up my tummy.  That was a bad enough price to pay, but I've been worried about today's weigh in since then.

This morning, I woke up, went to the bathroom and stripped down to my skivvies, like every Thursday.  I hadn't completely woken up yet.  I stepped on the scale, ready to kick myself in the behind, and encourage myself to do better this week.  I looked down and had to rub my eyes.  

At first, I thought the number said 198.5.  I was devastated.  Then I couldn't figure out how I'd gained that much this week.  Oh, remember I didn't have my glasses on...  Anyhow, upon closer inspection, the number was, in fact:

193.5  Heck yes!

I don't know how it's happened, but I'm so thankful to be down another 2 lbs.  I'm thankful that my giving in a little didn't screw everything up.  Mostly, though, I'm thankful for more energy and noticing a difference in my body.  My size 12 Levi's are dangerously loose on me... Like, they fall down and I have to wear a belt.  LOL.  My plan is to visit Goodwill or another local thrift store soon and try to find a couple pairs of size 10 pants.  Do you know how long it's been since that was even an option?!

Oh, and I'd like to add a special Thank You to my Roni Sue.  You'll have to forgive the picture, because my 5 year old was taking it, so it's blurry.  Roni felt like I NEEDED to have the dress I'd spotted a couple months ago and declared it should be my "goal dress."  She sent me a size L (10-12).  It fits beautifully, and will be a nice surprise for Stuart next time he sees me.  ;)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just ugh.

I have had an INSANE amount of stress lately.  The last 2 days have been particularly rough.  I am wanting to eat EVERYTHING in sight.  Even things that aren't in sight...

Today I really wanted something "bad", so I got something to drink instead.  I figured that would help me decide if I was really hungry or just thirsty.  I held out for a while, and it hit HARD.  I didn't want to waste snacks in the pantry or points today, so I ate a small dill pickle.

There's no need to comment, I just needed to vent a little.  I have gotten out of my Pilates habit, which I need to get back into.  I can just feel this stress really trying to take over my whole being.  It sucks, and I don't want to give into it.

I need to also realize that me giving in to stress and making bad food choices probably means I won't have a loss tomorrow morning at weigh in.  If that's the case, it's not the end of the world, just an indication that I need to get focused and be in control of what I CAN control.