Friday, July 25, 2008

Didn't post yesterday...

Okay, so yesterday was weigh-in day.  To tell the truth, I was hoping if I held out until today, I'd have a better number to post.  Oh, well.

I weighed in at 190.5.  No change.

I can't help but be disappointed, even though I know I wasn't following my plan for the most part last week.  My mom and grandmother were in town, we were doing a lot of running around, and Nanny made tea cakes.  Um, can you say 2 sticks of butter?  Yeah.  The good thing is that I haven't eaten any since they left.  I'm trying to save them for Stuart.  <3

I was SO hoping to be down 20 lbs when he came home, but alas, I guess I should've kept working hard instead of slacking off.  I have started back with my DVDs for pilates and dancing.  I've been missing that.

I got my bathing suits in the mail, BTW.  I got a great one for now, and the one for later.  The one for later is going to be SO great!  I can all ready put it on, but it doesn't fit.  (KWIM?)  

Thanks for the e-mails, private messages, and comments.  This accountability means everything to me!

Now, please pray I don't blow it when Stuart gets home.  ;)

*my diet, I mean...  :blushes:

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Just a Girl in a Port said...

You won't blow it. You can enjoy eats when you're between the sheets. Well, I suppose you could. ;)