Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Weigh in... dum dum duuuuuuuuum...

I lamented yesterday that the stress has been making me want to eat.  Now I'm ready for my full confession.  On Monday, I ate Taco Bell for lunch and a pint of Haagen Dazs before bed.  I'm not proud of myself, and it didn't make me feel any better.  Mostly bloated and tore up my tummy.  That was a bad enough price to pay, but I've been worried about today's weigh in since then.

This morning, I woke up, went to the bathroom and stripped down to my skivvies, like every Thursday.  I hadn't completely woken up yet.  I stepped on the scale, ready to kick myself in the behind, and encourage myself to do better this week.  I looked down and had to rub my eyes.  

At first, I thought the number said 198.5.  I was devastated.  Then I couldn't figure out how I'd gained that much this week.  Oh, remember I didn't have my glasses on...  Anyhow, upon closer inspection, the number was, in fact:

193.5  Heck yes!

I don't know how it's happened, but I'm so thankful to be down another 2 lbs.  I'm thankful that my giving in a little didn't screw everything up.  Mostly, though, I'm thankful for more energy and noticing a difference in my body.  My size 12 Levi's are dangerously loose on me... Like, they fall down and I have to wear a belt.  LOL.  My plan is to visit Goodwill or another local thrift store soon and try to find a couple pairs of size 10 pants.  Do you know how long it's been since that was even an option?!

Oh, and I'd like to add a special Thank You to my Roni Sue.  You'll have to forgive the picture, because my 5 year old was taking it, so it's blurry.  Roni felt like I NEEDED to have the dress I'd spotted a couple months ago and declared it should be my "goal dress."  She sent me a size L (10-12).  It fits beautifully, and will be a nice surprise for Stuart next time he sees me.  ;)


Tigerlilly said...

You go girlie!! You're doing so well, and we all have our "slip ups" now and then. But each day is a new day to make the right choices.
You look SO good in that dress, you simply HAD to have it!
Stuart can thank me later, LOL

Mike & Chrissy said...

Yowza! That dress looks so good on you. I love it. When it is too big for you in a couple weeks, you can send it to me!

A pint of ice cream is good for you every now and then. Really, it's good to shock the body. But the problem is that we live too far away to share. Come on summer '10!

The Little Wife said...

You look amazing! Congrats on your continued W.L. You are an inspiration!