Friday, July 11, 2008


Amber's smokin' me man! But I'm gonna catch up :D
My weight this week is at a stall. I was kind of surprised because last week I lost a tad over 3 pounds, I think it had a lot to do with being sick, but I'll still take it baby!
I had to eat some "heavier" foods because the meds we're messing up my tummy. I'm thinking that's what did me in, plus I used all my extra points for this week because of it.

On a fun note, a few weeks back I found a pair of old - ok, they are from high school- jeans of mine, and I thought about how great it would be to fit back in to them.
It also led in to how I thought I was "so fat" back then. I really had it in my mind that I was a "fat" then, as I am now. How I'm looking now, is how I perceived myself to look then.
Gawd, if I could only go back in time and smack myself across the face! For me to be a size 11 and have the larger bust even back then - I looked DAMN good.

I'm gonna post up a picture so you can laugh at the jeans - they have rhinestones on the rear pockets, and are "so 90's" LOL. But I'm tellin' ya'll, if I can get my ass back in to them, I'm gonna strut around like a prize peacock :)

'Like a rhinestone cowboy...'

So, my two biggest motivations right now are:
1. The possibility of going "home" this upcoming transfer season (09). I absolutely CANNOT go "home" looking the way that I do.
Plus, I want to shut my 'hundred pounds soaking wet' mother up for GOOD.
2. I'm gonna rock those jeans if it KILLS me! ;)

I'm contemplating ordering 10minutetrainer - anyone use it before? good/bad?


The Roaming Bilderbacks said...

hehe, that reminds me of the episode of King of Queens where Doug has lost a lot of weight, and he puts on his acid wash jeans from high school. :P

No doubt you'll be rockin' those rhinestones in no time!

The Little Wife said...

I can't wait to see of pic of you in those jeans.

Mary said...

You crack me up. Strut them rhinestone jeans, girl!