Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's get it started!!!

I went to the grocery store today and stocked up in preparation for my WW way of life.  The interesting thing is that I'm going to have to force myself to eat a lot more than normal.  I usually don't eat much during the day.  Maybe that's been part of my problem.  Who knows?  

I'm in the market for a Pilates video.  I was going to grab one at WalMart today, but they didn't have any.  The WalMart by my house is really small, and they don't carry everything a normal WalMart does.  

I did get a couple of Smart Ones for when I don't feel like cooking a big ol' meal.  

I got lots of chicken breast, some turkey, lots of veggies.  I'm looking forward to getting started and seeing results.  You'll be the first to know how my first day goes.  ;)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh, geez

Nothing like a little spandex to make you wanna barf, huh?  These are my official "BEFORE" pictures.  I'm looking forward to having some kickin' "AFTER" pictures to share.

Now, here is what I really want to work on: my tummy.  After 4 abdominal surgeries in 5 years, my ab muscles have been cut through a lot without having a chance to strengthen again.  It's apparent in my posture and my profile.  I have been having a lot of lower back pain, and I know it has to do with my posture and my weak abs.  I'm not going to just be focusing on my abs in exercise, though, because I know that cardio is the key to burning calories and helping the fat go away.

Ugh.  I've got a lot of work to do, and will be needing your support.  My official WW weigh in will be May 1.  Look for it, and for daily reports on points and exercise.  :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Shopping Buddy


Well, Amber is officially my shopping buddy. We might be a state or two away from each other, but that's what Yahoo IM, Hotmail, and finally, Photobucket are for.
I really have my hopes up high about a Change of Command that is happening 2 hours from me in late June.
I get to meet some fellow CG wives, and have some "adult" time.
The only hiccup is that it means I need to find some *gulp*... nice clothes. For me, this does not happen easily.
Amber is, of course, there to save the day! With in 15 minutes she finds a dress online at JCPenny's and wouldn't you know, it's even stocked in the JCP 5 minutes from my house.
It's hard to go shopping alone, there's no "outside" opinion on how you look.
Amber's solution? "Bring your digital camera!"
*whacks self on head* - Psshh! Duh Roni!

A trip to JCP, about 10 dresses later and wouldn't you know. Damn that girl is GOOD. The dress looks wonderful!

The part that wasn't so wonderful was the full length mirrors. It's like, as long as I don't have them at home I can imagine that my body looks just the way it always has.
No such luck.
I felt humongous. I felt like a short, upside down pear, with short stubby legs - oh, and boobs!

I wanted to put all the dresses back, and head home to be in a sour mood for the rest of the evening. But instead, I kept telling myself "this is why you're going to change how you're living. So you never have to feel this down about yourself again."
And I trotted on. I tried on every single dress. The one Amber picked out was of course the best one. I heart her! I (hope I) included a picture of it.
Remember.. I'm new to blogging - be kind! :)

And, I read my comments - thank you! Especially to whomever said that it isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change. You are totally right!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Howdy :)

Amber, the sweetie that we all know and love, has invited me to blog with her during our WW journey together. I'm a little new at blogging, so please bear with me.

I pretty much feel the same way as Amber does about weight loss. Being healthy is most important. Along with the esteem you get from being comfortable with how your body looks.
It's really hard when you look in the mirror, and realize that... you don't recognize the body you're in anymore. I've had an especially hard time with that lately.

I've never been what you would call "thin" or "skinney". But, I've always been healthy. I've somehow managed to let that slip away from me. So, it's up to me to get this body back to a familiar shape. Also, to improve my health!

I really believe that Amber and I can whoop some booty at this, and I thank her bunches, and bunches for her support, and motivation. It's gonna be a challenging road, but it comes with a huge payoff.

It's been suggested to me that I list 3 goals I'd like to accomplish during the next 6 months:

1. I need to accept the fact that my body is not like "everyone elses". REALLY accept that.
2. I control what I put in my mouth/body. I need have "healthier" choices become second nature to me.
3. I also need 20 minutes of daily exercise to become a habit. Even if it's just a walk.

Im planning on joining WW on the first of this month. It's a new thing for me... "dieting".
But, I got myself in this mess - it's up to me to get myself out! :)

Throwing out the Welcome Mat!

Please join me in welcoming a contributor to DCtHA!  Roni is a great chick who has committed to being healthier, too.  I'll let her introduce herself when she's ready, but I just wanted to tell her welcome and I'm so happy to have her!

I look forward to your input, Roni, and I'm really looking forward to our WW journey beginning!

Monday, April 21, 2008

When you're right, you're right

Mary left me a comment a minute ago saying she could tell I'm down.  It's funny how well people can get to you, even when your only contact is on the computer.

To say that I'm down is an understatement.  At the risk of offering TMI, it is a small comfort to know that my husband still finds me attractive.  I wish I gave myself as much credit as he does.

Okay.  So here's my reality:  I was the recipient of a great gift card from a generous friend for my birthday.  My dad also gave me some money.  I was going to use these things to get a cheap patio set, but I realized that 1) the patio set wouldn't be something for "me" and 2) I desperately need some church clothes.  

I tried on dresses, skirts, tops, and slacks.  I looked ALL over.  We actually have shopping options here, too.  The empire cut tops make me look pregnant.  The trapeeze cut dresses look like a lampshade.  There is nothing flattering for an hourglass shape with a flabby mommy tummy.  There's just not.  

I did buy a cute skirt, and used my Mastercard GC on an adorable sweater and cami.  

I mailed in the checks from my grandmother and mom to USAA to be deposited and will be enrolling in Weight Watchers online as soon as they hit the bank.  I have to do this.  I have to.  I will be still keeping up with this blog.  I need the accountability and support that you guys are offering me.  

I also know that more people are reading this that probably don't comment.  If someone stumbles across this blog and sees my struggles and triumphs, I hope that they are able to be empowered.  

I'm eating lots of salads and chicken breast.  I love spinach, and have been eating a good deal of it.  I'm looking forward to figuring out my points allowance and getting on track.  Maybe it'll help me find where I've been going wrong.  

The boys mutilated my favorite belly dance DVD this week, so I'm in the market for a fun workout video.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


208.5 today.  Not happy to say the least.  That's up a half pound from last week.

I'm discouraged, but still drinking my water and eating my fruits and veggies.  

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weigh in tomorrow

Well, tomorrow is weigh in day for me.  I haven't been weighing, but my clothes aren't fitting any better.  I'm drinking my water, taking my vitamin, only eating fruit as a snack, yadda, yadda, yadda...

I think I need a more regimented something to hold me to a particular method.  I'm exploring options and will keep you posted.  Thank you to those of you that are helping me in my research and questioning stages.  

It's important for me to say that I'm not trying to jump on a bandwagon, or go with an easy solution.  My goal is health.  In achieving health, I hope to feel better about how I look, and feel better period.

Right now, I hate looking in the mirror.  I do not like to keep pictures that have more than my face in them.  I'm a very unhappy person.  I don't have any clothes that make me feel good.  I'm tired of my poor stretched out tummy just hanging.  I'm really sad and really ready to make the changes that will work.

I need to be proud of myself.  I have done a LOT of work on the emotional aspect of my life, and relationships and that kind of thing.  Now it's time to make sure my body is around to benefit from that hard work.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A quick update

Friday I was crazy busy, and ended up mowing the front and back lawns and doing the elliptical for 20 minutes vigorously.  I'm watching my heart rate as I go, trying to keep it in a healthy range for fat burning.  

Yesterday I had a brunch with some fellow Coastie wives.  I ate more than I should've, but only ate brunch and dinner.  I ate some fruit for a snack yesterday afternoon.  My dinner was one of my chicken, artichoke and mozzarella sausages and a big salad.  Between kids and adults there were 16 of us here yesterday, and of course Logan was completely clingy and whiny.

Today my body is telling me that I need to slow down.  I am almost nodding off every time I blink my eyes.  I can feel sleep right under my level of consciousness.  I don't know if that makes sense, but I feel like when you're waking up from surgery and need to take deep cleansing breaths to get rid of the anesthesia.  

I'm going to take it easy today and keep eating my veggies and drinking my water.  I'm also going to listen to my body and really relax - or try to.  I have a lot of extra stress right now (that I don't want to get into), and I need to take care of my body so that my emotions stay in check and I don't start losing my patience with the kids unreasonably.  

Thanks again for keeping up with me.  I've not been weighing every morning.  I'm keeping it to only on Wednesday mornings before breakfast.  I am still aware of what's going into my mouth, but without being discouraged first thing every day after seeing fluctuation.

I need to start cutting carbs.  I'm noticing that I'm trying to comfort myself with carbs.  (Mashed potatoes, pasta - that kind of thing.  Not sweets for some reason.)

I just need to keep up the good habits I've been working on - taking my vitamin, drinking water, and exercising.

Oh, no.  Smells like poopy pants are calling...  *sigh*

Friday, April 11, 2008

Checking in, Friday a.m.

I've had a whirlwind couple of days.  I've not been doing as well, with my water, so I need to get back on track today.  I haven't had much sleep the last couple of days, and I'm dragging.  I've got a lot to do today, but hopefully finishing the backyard (mowing) and using the elliptical will be part of what I get accomplished.

I've been eating well, and really trying to find fiber.  I hope it starts showing soon, especially if Stuart and I get to take a cruise in a few months!!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Well, crap

I weighed this morning and was 208.  :(  That's up 2 from last week, and 1 from my original weight.

I'm going to give myself a break a little and say that I know I've been drinking water like crazy.  I've been taking my vitamin.  I've been moving and doing cardio and some weight training.  (only 5 and 10 lb dumbbells)  I don't have bad snacks in the house, and I've been concentrating on what I'm putting in my mouth and why.  I've been drinking water first when I feel hungry.

The fluctuation isn't that bad, but I'm longing for the weeks with consistent losses.  This was only the end of the second week.

For this next week, I'm going to concentrate on fiber.  

Thanks for checking on me.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tues, April 8

So the last couple of days have gone all right.  I only drank 60 oz of water yesterday, but I did have a couple glasses of unsweetened tea.  I'm trying really hard to stay hydrated.  I have all ready had 20 oz of water today and it's only 9:22.

I'm enjoying the hard boiled egg option for breakfast.  It seems to stick with me a while.  Today I had scrambled egg and cheese in a tortilla.  I got a tip from Paula Deen in a cookbook that I really love, and it helps cut calories.  When I was a kid, my mom used milk and butter in the eggs when she made scrambled.  If you use water instead, the eggs are just as fluffy.  :)

I bought some animal crackers for the kids, and realized that one serving is 16 of those suckers.  You bet I've been taking advantage of that!  It's 120 calories for a serving.  Not too shabby, and gives me a chance to have a sweet snack without wanting to indulge in ice cream or oreos or the like.

I am nervous about weighing in tomorrow morning.  I know I have to give myself permission for my weight to fluctuate.  I have to be honest and say that I'll be really disappointed, though, if I've gained, especially after working out so hard this week.  

Oh, a new exercise for those arms:  bench press your toddler.  Helps them learn to count, helps you get in shape.  Logan gets a big kick out of it.  He also likes to sit in my hands and I raise and lower him above my head, which really works the back of my arms.  He weighs about 30 lbs, so it's a decent amount of weight.

Thanks for checking in.  I'll be weighing in the morning.  Wish me luck.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I had an awesome surprise yesterday!  My husband's boat had an unexpected problem, so they're home for the weekend.  How awesome is that?

Now, for some not-so-good news.  I have been busting my patootie doing the elliptical and crunches, drinking water, water, water, and really paying attention to what's going in my mouth.  I've been weighing in the mornings, just watching how things fluctuate.  I somehow gained 4 lbs in a day - ?  How does that work?  

I guess I need to stick to just weighing on Wednesday mornings.  If you have any insight, I'd be glad to hear it.  It's pretty demoralizing to see a weight higher than I've weighed since I was pregnant after I start really taking care of myself.

I have been doing a great job taking my vitamin and drinking lots of water.  I'm drinking 80-100 oz every day.  If I can drink one more bottle of water a day, I'll be at about a gallon.  

Thanks for checking on me!

Oh, and for breakfast today I had one waffle and 2 hard boiled eggs.  :)  I've all ready had a bottle of water and half a cup of coffee with one tsp of creamer.  

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I got to work out for 45 minutes uninterrupted.  I did the elliptical and some dumbbells here at home.  It was nice.  After the push ups last night, my shoulders are pretty sore.  My legs are throbbing from the resistance on the elliptical.  Yay!

Good morning!

Well, I didn't get to sleep until after 2 am.  The good thing is that since I couldn't sleep I did crunches, leg lifts, and push ups.  :)  Much better than sitting glued to my MacBook.

I did take my vitamin this morning, and had some waffles with PB.  I'm hoping the PB will stick with me a little.  I've only had water or unsweetened iced tea to drink for the past few days.  It feels good to know I'm not drinking a bunch of extra calories every day.

I've also eaten an orange the past couple of days.  It seems silly to mention, but I've gotten out of the habit of going to fruit as a snack.  Oranges for a long time would not touch my lips because I played soccer for 10 years.  Apparently oranges are THE snack for halftime and post-game for soccer kids.  I couldn't bear to look at them for a long time.  Now they are refreshing once again, and I know the value of the nutrition they offer.  

I have not done the elliptical lately.  I'm hoping to get in there when Logan naps today.  If not, I've got to get him to bed earlier tonight.  He's been up past 11 the last few nights and it's driving me mad.  I think this is his way of letting me know that Dad's absence is affecting him.  

Just wanted to touch base a little today.  Love to all of you who are keeping up with me!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Weigh in day!

I lost 1 pound this week!  Hooray!

I'll be honest - it's been a week full of stress.  Most of you know why.  There were a lot of days that I didn't drink water, and there was one day that we ate out and ate BAD food.

Yesterday was a good day.  I ate well and had one snack during the day - an orange.  I bought some bottled water at the grocery store.  Our water here is good, but it's hard for me to carry a glass of water around all day because I'm afraid one of the kids is going to dump it.  I can refill these bottles, too, so it'll be nice.  

I took my vitamin this morning and am eating some cereal.  Trying to get my fiber with some Shredded Wheat.  I'm battling a migraine, which is a combination of hormones, stress, and not drinking as much caffeine as normal.  

Thanks for checking in with me.  Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but it was one of those days...