Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tues, April 8

So the last couple of days have gone all right.  I only drank 60 oz of water yesterday, but I did have a couple glasses of unsweetened tea.  I'm trying really hard to stay hydrated.  I have all ready had 20 oz of water today and it's only 9:22.

I'm enjoying the hard boiled egg option for breakfast.  It seems to stick with me a while.  Today I had scrambled egg and cheese in a tortilla.  I got a tip from Paula Deen in a cookbook that I really love, and it helps cut calories.  When I was a kid, my mom used milk and butter in the eggs when she made scrambled.  If you use water instead, the eggs are just as fluffy.  :)

I bought some animal crackers for the kids, and realized that one serving is 16 of those suckers.  You bet I've been taking advantage of that!  It's 120 calories for a serving.  Not too shabby, and gives me a chance to have a sweet snack without wanting to indulge in ice cream or oreos or the like.

I am nervous about weighing in tomorrow morning.  I know I have to give myself permission for my weight to fluctuate.  I have to be honest and say that I'll be really disappointed, though, if I've gained, especially after working out so hard this week.  

Oh, a new exercise for those arms:  bench press your toddler.  Helps them learn to count, helps you get in shape.  Logan gets a big kick out of it.  He also likes to sit in my hands and I raise and lower him above my head, which really works the back of my arms.  He weighs about 30 lbs, so it's a decent amount of weight.

Thanks for checking in.  I'll be weighing in the morning.  Wish me luck.

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