Monday, April 21, 2008

When you're right, you're right

Mary left me a comment a minute ago saying she could tell I'm down.  It's funny how well people can get to you, even when your only contact is on the computer.

To say that I'm down is an understatement.  At the risk of offering TMI, it is a small comfort to know that my husband still finds me attractive.  I wish I gave myself as much credit as he does.

Okay.  So here's my reality:  I was the recipient of a great gift card from a generous friend for my birthday.  My dad also gave me some money.  I was going to use these things to get a cheap patio set, but I realized that 1) the patio set wouldn't be something for "me" and 2) I desperately need some church clothes.  

I tried on dresses, skirts, tops, and slacks.  I looked ALL over.  We actually have shopping options here, too.  The empire cut tops make me look pregnant.  The trapeeze cut dresses look like a lampshade.  There is nothing flattering for an hourglass shape with a flabby mommy tummy.  There's just not.  

I did buy a cute skirt, and used my Mastercard GC on an adorable sweater and cami.  

I mailed in the checks from my grandmother and mom to USAA to be deposited and will be enrolling in Weight Watchers online as soon as they hit the bank.  I have to do this.  I have to.  I will be still keeping up with this blog.  I need the accountability and support that you guys are offering me.  

I also know that more people are reading this that probably don't comment.  If someone stumbles across this blog and sees my struggles and triumphs, I hope that they are able to be empowered.  

I'm eating lots of salads and chicken breast.  I love spinach, and have been eating a good deal of it.  I'm looking forward to figuring out my points allowance and getting on track.  Maybe it'll help me find where I've been going wrong.  

The boys mutilated my favorite belly dance DVD this week, so I'm in the market for a fun workout video.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Becca and Jason said...

Doesn't spinach make your teeth squeeky?? It does to me! But I love it, too!

I'm so glad you used your birthday money for you!!! And that you're going to use more of it for WW online! That's for you, too! YAY!

I'm still cheering you on! Like I said, the fact that YOU want this will make you succeed!!!

Mary said...

Girl, I hear you on the styles that are out right now. I tried on so man clothes last week and was crying in the dressing room because everything looks maternity or for a size 0 - neither of which are my catagory.

I know you can do this. WW on-line is fantastic.

The Little Wife said...

Spinach makes my teeth squeeky too Becca.

Try "Turbo Jam". It's a killer workout, but it works. I can lend you a DVD if you'd like. I have 5 of them I think.