Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emotional Eating

Boy, oh, boy am I an emotional eater!  I've had a lot of stress the past few days.  Stuart's gone again for who knows how long, and we've had some CG *issues* for the past few months that haven't been resolved yet.  I've got a very temperamental two year old here, and a five year old that REALLY misses dad.

I have been CRAVING carbs for the last week.  The good thing (if you can look at it that way) is that it's been a long pay period and we're kinda low on groceries until payday, so there's not much TO eat around here.  That's probably my saving grace right now.  

I've been doing a good job since May basically eating 4 small meals a day.  I stay within my points target, I don't feel hungry, and I'm losing consistently.  This last week, though, I have about 3 hours in the afternoon where I am snacky.  I mean, I could eat and eat mindlessly, given the opportunity.  I try to eat string cheese and something else - a 100 calorie bag of popcorn, some carrot sticks, a pickle - something.  Today it's not cutting it.

So, instead of opening and closing cabinet doors and trying to will some ice cream to appear in the freezer, I figured I'd write a blog and whine about it.  I don't feel much better, but at least I'm not eating!  :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday means Weigh In Day!!!

After last week's gain, and the trip, and whatnot, it was so nice to get back on track this week!  Stuart left Sunday to head back to the boat, and it's been hard in ways, but nice in others.  I had a day that I had to make a box of mac & cheese.  I measured my serving and counted the points, and I got the "comfort food" effect that I was craving.  Not too bad!  We've been eating some yummy stuff around here - the boys and I, and I'm still staying within my daily points goal.  Woot!

Okay, so here's something I need to work on, I think... Pretty much every morning I eat a bowl of cereal.  The flavor/brand varies... Sometimes it's Special K with red berries, sometimes it's Cap'n Crunch with crunchberries.  The long and short of it is that I need to introduce some protein, I think.  I don't have any problem making it to lunch, but it's after lunch that I have an afternoon crash.  I think if I work on keeping my sugar levels and protein up more consistently, I won't have that urge to binge in the afternoons.  Or, maybe I don't need to do anything with breakfast, but introduce a protein snack in the afternoon?  Advice is certainly welcome!

So are you wondering?  Have I kept you in suspense long enough?

195.5 is today's weight!  I'm down 2 lbs, for a total of 14 since May 1.  
Thanks so much for your support, suggestions, and love!  

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was going to post this in my "other" blog, but I think I might find more answers here.
I know that WW doesn't have a plan for pregnant women. But, I'm really considering continuing it if (when? Grrr) I get pregnant.
I feel like with the weight that I'm at, it really wouldn't hurt me to - if anything - not gain much weight while I'm pregnant. With the cushion I have ;) I think it would be smart for me not to. I'm not saying that I'm going to be super hardcore about not gaining weight, just that I honestly believe it would be healthy for me not to.
I'm wondering, if I switched over to the nursing version of WW if it would be alright.
It's something that I will bring up to my doctor if (when?) I get pregnant. I will seriously take what he has to say in to consideration if he thinks it's not a smart idea, but then again for my height and weight, I can't it being a big issue (no pun..)
What are your thoughts? I won't be offended if you disagree, that's why I brought it here :)

On the other hand, I've seriously slacked on posting. I've tried thinking of great things to post about and have just drawn a darn blank!
Things are going relatively smoothly here, I've been doing alright on my walking, but could be doing better. I can proudly say that I've been doing EXCELLENT with my water intake. For me, that was a big hurdle. I'm just not a water drinking person, I never really have been. I can say though, I do feel better, and my amount of UTI's has gone way down. Sorry if TMI, but I'm very prone to them and it's VERY frustrating.
I've been the queen of tomatoes lately, LOL. I started a little garden awhile back, and while I usually kill everything I attempt to grow, the 'maters have made it through! It's amazing how much better things taste when you've grown them yourself!

I'm still dealing with the mother aspect *eyeroll here*. I know that she thinks I will not follow through with this. So, I've chosen just not to bring it up. I get more than enough support, advice, and suggestions from Blossom (Lisa) and Amber. I just cannot wait to see the look on my mothers face the next time that I see her. For me, that is just about reason enough to stick with it, and do well.

DH has made a few (carefully worded, LOL) compliments about my bootie. He knows that it's the #2 area I want to improve on. #1 being my tummy...
So, the elliptical is doing it's job. I've slacked off this week, so I'll be picking it back up. It feels good that DH is noticing. He always tells me that he has absolutely no problems with my shape, size, or weight. But, he has agreed with me that my weight gain has effected my confidence - and he just wants to see me happy.
His mother has a bit of an eating disorder, so we did have a few really long chats in where I had to swear to him that I wouldn't turn in to someone unhealthily obsessed. He also is not in to "really thin" figures on women so he made me promise that I'd still have "somethin' to love on" - men!

So, this is it for now! I really appreciate your guys' advice and support :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dum dum duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum...

Okay, so I've been in NOLA with my hubby for the past few days.  We did NOT take time to track points and eat only healthy things.  I am okay with the fact that I'm at 197.5 today.  I gained a little, but I can get back on track, and it'll be fine.

The good things:
Most meals we shared an entree.  We each got our own salad, and split an entree.  It was really nice.
Our hotel was a block north of Bourbon St, so we walked EVERYWHERE.  My feet and hips were killing me because I brought flip flops and various cute shoes, not so much on the supportive shoes.  
Breakfast we ate at the hotel, and they had a nice array of fruits and cereal.  I did make a waffle one morning, but otherwise, I ate pretty healthy for my first meal of the day.

Oh, and the really good thing - I don't drink at home.  Sometimes I have a beer, but I have NEVER had so many fruity beverages in my life!  It was fun, and it was nice to play and let go, but I'm all business now.  

Thanks for following me, and checking in...Now I've gotta update my gain on all my tracking... 

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mighty Morphin' Amber...

Before the positive, let me vent the negative real quick.

I HATE the fact that I can do a fantastic job while my husband is away.  The minute he walks in the door, my will power goes away, and I want to give in to every suggestion of junk food, fast food, or whatever.  I finally had a talk with him this evening and showed him the breakdown of our lunch.  Let me put it this way... one part of my lunch was 14 points.  o_O    Yeah, that's my reaction, too.  That would be MORE than half of my points for the day.  Ugh.  After showing him, he realized that we've been making bad choices.  (to say the least.  LOL!)

Okay, so now let me see if I can set this up the way I want to... The pictures with the pink top were taken April 30, the day before I started this adventure.  The pictures in the blue top were taken tonight.  The angle isn't exactly the same, but you'll be able to see a difference.

Without further adieu...

So Stuart suggested that I wear the blue from now on, because the black pants were a little too effective at hiding my butt and thighs.  (my words, not his)  *snort*  So, there, you get to check 'em out in all their glory in the blue pants.

I will tell you that after beating myself up about the chili dog from lunch today, it was nice to take a look at these pictures and see how far I've come.  I've still got a long way to go, but I can tell that my posture is improving, and slowly but surely, I'm making changes in my physique.  I'm really feeling so much better about myself, too.  Really.  :)


Weighing in today at 182 - I feel like the tortise here, Lol.
My mom and sister are coming down in July, so I'm going to REALLY try and do some extra workouts to see if I can increase some weight loss. My mother is about 110 pounds soaking wet, and my sister is about 125 pounds at 5'6. It can be really depressing to be out in public and not look anything like the people I'm related too. Plus, my mother can be really judgemental about my weight. So, I'm hoping I can show her that I've been working hard, and am seeing results.
I'm also reminding myself everyday that this is something I'm doing for ME, so I won't be looking for her "approval".
Trust me, it'd be SO like her to make some smart ass comment that would cause me to try and feel better by going to the fridge...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Lessons to learn

I had been craving pizza for about a week and a half.  Every time Roni and I would be on yahoo, I'd whine that I wanted pizza.  When I talked to Stuart on the phone, I lamented that I really wanted some pizza.

Well, I got pizza last night.  I should've passed.  I should've overlooked the craving.  The truth is, if I hadn't given in, it would've gotten to the point of bingeing and I would've insisted on burgers, fries and a shake or something.  Then washed it down with some sweet and sour chicken and a whole tiramisu.  You know...really give into "bad food" cravings. 

Here's a mixed blessing:  apparently my better eating habits are starting to stick.   I ate a couple pieces of pizza.  I really enjoyed them.  I felt full, but not stuffed afterwards.  This morning, though, I'm paying the price of a tummy trying to cope with grease, cheese, and so much bread.  Oy.

My mom sent me this little ditty this morning and it cracked me up.  Thought I'd share.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weighing in...

It's Thursday, so that means weigh-in day!

Drumroll, please...


I am down 13 lbs!  Yee Haw!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My stupid internet was out from 3pm yesterday, until this morning. I was so lost!
Weighed in and I'm 185. Kind of surprised and a bit frustrated by that, but I think that having my hiatus last week or so ago is what's catching up to me.
On a good note, these shorts that I have and love to wear are seriously noticeably looser fitting. I'm gonna have to see if I'm able to find them in a smaller size because I love 'em so much!
8 pounds down is something to be happy about, and proud of. I'm trying to just keep that thought in my head.