Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I was going to post this in my "other" blog, but I think I might find more answers here.
I know that WW doesn't have a plan for pregnant women. But, I'm really considering continuing it if (when? Grrr) I get pregnant.
I feel like with the weight that I'm at, it really wouldn't hurt me to - if anything - not gain much weight while I'm pregnant. With the cushion I have ;) I think it would be smart for me not to. I'm not saying that I'm going to be super hardcore about not gaining weight, just that I honestly believe it would be healthy for me not to.
I'm wondering, if I switched over to the nursing version of WW if it would be alright.
It's something that I will bring up to my doctor if (when?) I get pregnant. I will seriously take what he has to say in to consideration if he thinks it's not a smart idea, but then again for my height and weight, I can't it being a big issue (no pun..)
What are your thoughts? I won't be offended if you disagree, that's why I brought it here :)

On the other hand, I've seriously slacked on posting. I've tried thinking of great things to post about and have just drawn a darn blank!
Things are going relatively smoothly here, I've been doing alright on my walking, but could be doing better. I can proudly say that I've been doing EXCELLENT with my water intake. For me, that was a big hurdle. I'm just not a water drinking person, I never really have been. I can say though, I do feel better, and my amount of UTI's has gone way down. Sorry if TMI, but I'm very prone to them and it's VERY frustrating.
I've been the queen of tomatoes lately, LOL. I started a little garden awhile back, and while I usually kill everything I attempt to grow, the 'maters have made it through! It's amazing how much better things taste when you've grown them yourself!

I'm still dealing with the mother aspect *eyeroll here*. I know that she thinks I will not follow through with this. So, I've chosen just not to bring it up. I get more than enough support, advice, and suggestions from Blossom (Lisa) and Amber. I just cannot wait to see the look on my mothers face the next time that I see her. For me, that is just about reason enough to stick with it, and do well.

DH has made a few (carefully worded, LOL) compliments about my bootie. He knows that it's the #2 area I want to improve on. #1 being my tummy...
So, the elliptical is doing it's job. I've slacked off this week, so I'll be picking it back up. It feels good that DH is noticing. He always tells me that he has absolutely no problems with my shape, size, or weight. But, he has agreed with me that my weight gain has effected my confidence - and he just wants to see me happy.
His mother has a bit of an eating disorder, so we did have a few really long chats in where I had to swear to him that I wouldn't turn in to someone unhealthily obsessed. He also is not in to "really thin" figures on women so he made me promise that I'd still have "somethin' to love on" - men!

So, this is it for now! I really appreciate your guys' advice and support :)


Amber said...

Here's the thing about WW and pregnancy - I don't know the official WW answer. I had Gestational Diabetes with both kids, though, and was really restricted on what I could eat. I would think that the breastfeeding points amount would probably be about right. Your doc will be able to offer the best advice, I think, unless you decide to crash a WW meeting. ;)

The water drinking is fabulous! I remember when we first got started, you were really hesitant about trying to drink water. I'm glad you're feeling better as a result, too!

I'm proud of you, Roni! So proud!

The Roaming Bilderbacks said...

Seriously, send some of your water drinking and elliptical determinedness my way! I was doing good on my water till DH came home.. and the elliptical.. well.. yeah, we won't go there! ;)