Friday, April 25, 2008

Shopping Buddy


Well, Amber is officially my shopping buddy. We might be a state or two away from each other, but that's what Yahoo IM, Hotmail, and finally, Photobucket are for.
I really have my hopes up high about a Change of Command that is happening 2 hours from me in late June.
I get to meet some fellow CG wives, and have some "adult" time.
The only hiccup is that it means I need to find some *gulp*... nice clothes. For me, this does not happen easily.
Amber is, of course, there to save the day! With in 15 minutes she finds a dress online at JCPenny's and wouldn't you know, it's even stocked in the JCP 5 minutes from my house.
It's hard to go shopping alone, there's no "outside" opinion on how you look.
Amber's solution? "Bring your digital camera!"
*whacks self on head* - Psshh! Duh Roni!

A trip to JCP, about 10 dresses later and wouldn't you know. Damn that girl is GOOD. The dress looks wonderful!

The part that wasn't so wonderful was the full length mirrors. It's like, as long as I don't have them at home I can imagine that my body looks just the way it always has.
No such luck.
I felt humongous. I felt like a short, upside down pear, with short stubby legs - oh, and boobs!

I wanted to put all the dresses back, and head home to be in a sour mood for the rest of the evening. But instead, I kept telling myself "this is why you're going to change how you're living. So you never have to feel this down about yourself again."
And I trotted on. I tried on every single dress. The one Amber picked out was of course the best one. I heart her! I (hope I) included a picture of it.
Remember.. I'm new to blogging - be kind! :)

And, I read my comments - thank you! Especially to whomever said that it isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change. You are totally right!


Mary said...

Girl, you look fantastic in that dress. I can understand how you feel, as women, we all see our flaws. I think you are on the right road to looking at yourself in a healthier way!

Amber said...

If only I could work the same shopping magic on myself. LOL! Give me 6 weeks or so, and I'll be shopping and happy about it.

I do think you are beautiful, Roni, and I think that dress is really fantastic.

The Little Wife said...