Sunday, March 30, 2008

So far today...

I just have to say how much I completely love my husband and kids.  Honestly.

This morning I had a couple of pancakes for breakfast with some coffee.  (No sugar)  We got ready and went to church.  I believe that my faith and nourishing my spiritual walk is going to be very important in finding my path to health and wellness.  We went to a great church and had a wonderful time.  My 5 year old was crying because he didn't want to leave.  :)

For lunch we had spaghetti with meat sauce (extra lean ground round) and a spinach, tomato, and carrot salad.  It was really nice.  I'm working on drinking lots of water today.  After my get-together last night with my girlfriends, I've gotten my snackies out.  

I'm working hard, and really glad that you guys are keeping track of me.  I'm going to use the elliptical this evening and hopefully read a little bit.  I started and finished a 430 page book last week.  

I'm so happy that this move is allowing me to break through the fog I lived in for so long in California.  I'm looking forward to the sunshine of life down here.


Mary said...

Thanks for the motivation...I'm off to take my multivitamin and fill up my water container.

Checking in on you daily for inspiration and to let you know how amazing you are!

The Little Wife said...

You go girlfriend! (ok, that was a bit silly sounding). I'm pumped for you though.

I'm elated that you feel you have found such a great church. Nourishing your faith is so important on the path to personal betterment.

Keep up the good work chica!

Zach and Beth said...

Ok, so how have you done this week, girlfriend? I'm going to use you as inspiration to get my butt in gear.

I completely agree that faith nourishment is essential to everything else in life. I've heard wonderful things about that church. I hope you find a "home" there soon.