Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An intro

There's a good chance that if you're reading this, you all ready know me.  Even so, here's the story:

I have a lot of friends right now completing 101 goals in 1001 days.  Always prepared to hop on the latest and greatest bandwagon, I gave it some thought.  One thought kept forcing its way to the front of my mind:  If you could only feel better about yourself - if you were to actually work HARD to be healthy - that would be worth 100 other goals right there!

It's true.  I'm a serial "trier".  I try things for a couple weeks, then my husband has a wonky duty schedule, one of the kids gets sick, I'm invited to a party, or something happens to take me off the mark.  Those things are all excuses.  All of them.  Had I been really dedicated to my health, nothing would draw me away from it.

Here are the facts as of today:

I am 5'5".  I weigh 207 lbs.  I wear a size 12, some 14s.  My BMI is 34.4, which is completely unacceptable.  I am obese.  Whether I look like it or want to admit it, it's a fact.

Here are some things that I'm doing right:
1.  Not putting sugar in my coffee.  I cut this out a few months ago.  I also don't drink sugar in my tea anymore.  

2.  I have made being active a priority.  I started dancing a little over a year ago, and jogging right before that.  

3.  I've made keeping my house tidy a priority.  It may not seem like it makes a difference, but I completely believe it does.

My goals - Long term (1 year):
1.  Lose 50 lbs.  
2.  Run a 10k 
3.  Feel good in a pair of pants with my shirt tucked in

Goals for the coming week:
1.  DRINK WATER - 8 glasses/day

I need all the encouragement I can get.  I need to check in here daily.  If you notice that I haven't checked in and it's been a couple of days, there's a good chance I've fallen off the wagon.  Please love me enough to boost me back up there.  I've GOT to do this, not just for my kids, not for my husband, but for me.  I've got to value myself enough to take care of myself.


Mary said...

I'm so proud of you!

The Little Wife said...

If I might make one suggestion, it would be to check out (if you haven't already). It's great for getting started and staying on track.

Aside from that, I'm so moved by your motivation. You may think you are a serial trier, but it's because you have such a big heart and you're inspired by so many things. I see that in you and now you have the best intentions with everything.

Don't ever lose sight of yourself. Yes you are a mom and a spouse, but you are a strong, smart and beautiful woman.