Saturday, March 29, 2008

Report on Yesterday, Mar 28 and so far today

Yesterday was good.  I'm doing a good job keeping my Brita filled up and pumpin' new water!

We had a frozen pizza last night - boo!  I had some fresh spinach at lunch yesterday with some rice and chicken that was fantastic.  

Today at lunch we had some chicken salad that I ate on a small tortilla.  It was really good!  I'm having some girls over this evening and will have some fruit and veggies.  I'll be cheating a bit because I'll have sangria (with fruit in it - lol!) and some brownie, but that's all right.  It doesn't keep me from doing the right thing tomorrow!

I danced yesterday for about 45 minutes.  It felt good, and my muscles needed it.  I've been away for a few weeks now, and was all ready starting to lose some flexibility.  

I think I'll post a before picture tomorrow so that I can see where I am and have something to compare it to down the line.  Maybe once a month?

Thank you, ladies, for supporting me.  It means SO much!

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Mary said...

Cheering you on!