Friday, May 23, 2008


Amber is doing SO well, she is putting me to SHAME! Lol - congratulations Amber, you are doing so awesome!!

I'm back on the wagon after a brief few days of slipping.

Which got me to thinking...

I really hate that I'm one of those people that make things "all better" by eating food.
The first thing I did after my ER visit because of my m/c was say "F___ it" and I had DH go to Taco Bell for me. WHY do I do that? What is it about food that makes things "all better"?
In the long run, it doesn't. And you KNOW it doesn't. It just continues that damn circle of being unhappy.
And after spending all night in the ER with DD? Came home, cried, and ate two frozen pretzels.
Those silly little things are something that I love, and I had bought them as little treats for myself. Yet, they were the first thing I reached for when I was upset.
I really want to be/wish I was one of those people that threw on their tennis and went for a run to solve anger, frustration, sadness issues. Can you retrain your brain to do that? Or am I fighting a never ending battle here?
I guess I'll be experimenting on myself, because I'm going to try as hard as I can to remember that my tennis are sitting right by the front door - and when I'm upset, I'm going to go for a walk. I'm gonna do my own little test to see if I do it enough, if I can get it to be an automatic "need" when things get rough. Instead of reaching for the food.
The walk would have done me so much better than the Taco Bell.

So anyways - starting over here! Scale said 187, so, I've got some catching up to do if I wanna keep up with Amb - that girl is on a roll baby!


Stuart said...

At least you recognize that you turn to food. Maybe being really aware of it will help. I know the days that I'm feeling really lonely I crave things like pizza or mac & cheese. I usually don't give in (just because I'm too lazy to go to the store), but nothing else seems to offer that comfort.


Uh, and remember this isn't a contest, Missy Prissy. ;) It's about us both being healthier and making better choices.

~~so you finally bought a scale?~~

Amber said...

Uh, obviously my husband was signed in on my computer. *blush* Just so you don't think he's lecturing you or calling you Missy Prissy. ROFL!

Mary said...

Yes, yes, yes, you can retrain your brain away from the comfort food and toward a healthy activity. Give it time - it might take an entire month, but you'll crave the endorphins from exercise more than the comfort from food.
When I was in college, I would get stressed out, drive to Boston Market, and drown myself in mashed potatoes. It wasn't pretty. Now, my stress makes me put on my running shoes and pretend to run away from it.