Friday, May 9, 2008

A woman possessed

It sure hasn't taken long for me to get obsessive about my measuring cups and scale.  I've all ready gotten pretty dang good at eyeballing serving sizes.

Case in point:

For lunch today, I cooked some large chicken breast pieces, some yellow squash (MMMMM!) and some instant organic mashed potatoes.  (the potatoes are pretty low in points because I only use water and a tiny dab of light Country Crock spread.  Not like grandma makes, that's for sure!)

I digress...

I served up the kids' lunches, fixed a plate for DH, and there was a hunk of chicken on the pan left.  I eyeballed it, and cut myself a slice.  I placed it on my food scale, and it was exactly 3 oz!  How cool is that?  I've also developed that eyeballing ability with baby carrots, too.  Don't worry - I still measure always.  It's just that it's kind of a game for me.  ;) 

Oh, and here's a little tip - I really enjoy old fashioned Quaker Oats for breakfast from time to time.  They're comfort food for me.  Back in the day, my Nanny would make it for me for breakfast every day when I stayed with her.  Of course, she'd add a pat of butter, Lord only knows how much sugar, and some whole milk to it.  

Today I made my Quaker Oats, with water only - no butter -, and was trying to figure out the best way to sweeten it a little bit.  I looked up brown sugar, I looked up table sugar, and was thinking about what else I had here that might work.  I ate the last of the yogurt last night, or that would've been an option for me.  I decided on Lite pancake & waffle syrup.  2 tablespoons is a serving size, and is WAY enough sweet to make the oatmeal palatable.  A serving is very low in points, too!  Yay!!!

I didn't finish my points yesterday, so I know I really need to make sure I'm keeping my blood sugar stable all day instead of waiting and letting it crash when I'm hungry.  

Okay, off to WalMart.  I've gotta stock up again.  :)


Who I Am said...

You should try the flavored oatmeal packets. They are only 2-3 points when made with water and are yummy. And you don't have to add anything. You can even have two packets if you don't want to eat anything else.

I Heart Siam said...

I eat oatmeal just about every day. It is good with dried fruit (raisins, apricots, etc.), and blueberries, but I think the best of all is adding some sliced up bananas and strawberries. It makes it sweet enough so you don't need sugar, but there is a tart taste from the strawberries as well. The fruit and the oatmeal are both really good sources of fiber, so this makes a very filling and tasty breakfast.

Amber said...

Thanks! I really love the tart flavor from the strawberries, too. They are sweet enough not to add anything else.

I've been buying the flavored instant oatmeal, but I really miss the texture of the Old Fashioned oats.

I haven't tried banana, but I think it's worth a shot. :)