Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today's weight...

Weigh in this morning is 188.  That's a loss of 3 pounds this week.  It also means that my daily points allowance went from 25 to 24.  I'm not getting as much exercise as I'd like still, but with the stress load this week, my body is NOT letting me get by with anything.

On Monday, my life went from oblivious to "you are moving this weekend," to "Oops, sorry...I'm not really sure if that's true..."  I'm leaving out a lot (obviously), but let's say that it's been a STRESSFUL week.  Not to mention that I am just about touched out with my clingy 3 year old.  I'm also waiting on my retake score from my MT final.  The good news?  I haven't turned to pasta.  The goal today is to make it through grocery shopping without bringing home mac and cheese.  I know that's a lame goal, but it is seriously my comfort food.  It is what I turn to in a moment of weakness.

Well, it's just after 8.  I need to make a grocery list, make sure I have the school supply list, and brave the crowds out and about.  I'm sure it's going to be reaaaal fun out there today.  Gotta get it done before lunchtime so I'm not tempted to grab lunch while I'm out.  After shopping with 2 kids, some salty french fries always sound good.  *snort*

Have a great day!  

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