Sunday, July 19, 2009

So, uh, "Hi."

I know, I know.  It's been 4 months.  Really, it's been a long time since I've felt like me and felt like I was taking care of myself.  I finally reached the point where I could not cope with my fibromyalgia any longer and had to be started on a medication for it.  I also had to start a blood pressure medication.  There's a wake up call.  My blood pressure was 144/106.  Not so good.

Stress?  Well, let's say I've been maxed out.  The late spring patrol was horrible for me.  The hubby was gone, and we had Strep running rampant, along with pneumonia and allergic reactions to medication.  The patrol schedule has been 45 days out, 4 weeks in, which is not so fun.  It's hard to focus when he is home on trying to incorporate him into our routine.  Instead, everything falls by the wayside to spend time together.  He and I started doing some Wii Fit exercises together, which was nice.  It is so nice to have someone to exercise with.  

In the last couple of weeks, we had a big trip to Florida, and went to Disney World with my grandmother and sister.  I had moments of my body not wanting to cooperate, but we all had a really great time, and the summer showers kept the temperature nearly bearable.  

So enough of the past.  What's going on today?

We have entered a new patrol period, so I have time to think and work.  I have been really feeling bad about myself, bad for myself, and drowning in my pity pool.  I went to Dollar Tree this week and bought some posterboard and markers.  I have a 9 Week goal to break 180.  Though I had gotten down to 182.5 last year, I'm at 194 right now.  Yipes.  In 9 weeks, my goal is to be at 178.  That's 16 pounds, and completely reasonable.  I'm scheduled to have some more bloodwork done this next week, so hopefully things will be looking okay.

Oh...So back to my markers.  LOL!  I got sidetracked...  I hung this on my bedroom wall.  Nothing like keeping it right in my face.  I cannot get through a day without looking at it.  At the bottom of my posterboard, I listed some goals, and posted a few pictures.  My husband proposed to me again, and asked if I'd like to renew our vows.  No, no new jewelry.  We were hoping to take the honeymoon I always wanted but we never got to take on our 10 year anniversary, but we are going to postpone it closer to my 30th birthday.  That's certainly something to work toward.  He and I both want to be able to do active, fun things like hiking without me limping back.  I've got to really get these pounds off and strengthen and stretch my muscles to help with my stamina.  Oh, and I still have "the swimsuit" that I ordered last year that I've never been able to wear.  I posted the pictures of the resort we want to go to and the swimsuit on my poster.

Hopefully you'll be seeing more of me. 


Cirrus said...

...and less of you at the same time!
Glad to see you blogging again! In a few weeks I can start doing this with you, albeit long distance. I want to lose about the same amount, to start with anyway. (I definitely have more to go once I hit that goal, but babysteps, right?)

Leah said...

I am so proud of you, friend! You deserve to focus on yourself for a while. You are a fantastic mother and wife and you deserve to start feeling better!

Love the new look, too! :)

Milli' said...

Hi again! I've been checking every so often and was so excited to see not one, but two posts!! I'm so proud of you and I'll be cheering you on from TN!!

BTW...WTF happened to these 10 years?? I can't believe January will be the big anniversary. Seems crazy, and I remember talking to you guys about "this new guy I was dating" at the lingerie was Chris :)