Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weighing in. Ugh.

I had to stop WW in November.  In the last 7 weeks, I've gained 6 lbs.  Yuck.

I'm at 189 today, starting back on the momentum plan.  My daily points target is 24.  I think I'll be keeping up with the shred just for the activity points.  ;)

I didn't Shred yesterday.  I was really sore and physically and emotionally exhausted from my visit with the rheumatologist.  I got some answers and some more questions.  For now, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but there may be other contributing factors, and they're testing me for those.  I'll see the doctor again in a couple of weeks.  

Thanks for your support!



Mary H. said...

Big hugs for you. I'm sorry about the Fibromyalgia. I'm here for whatever you need.

Walking in the NorthWoods said...

All I have are some hugs! Is this the definate diagnosis, or more testing to be done?

Amber said...

This is the definite diagnosis, but there are some other things that aren't normal in my previous bloodwork. The doctor wants to determine whether Fibromyalgia is my primary or secondary diagnosis. If the other issue can be treated with medication, it may help the symptoms of Fibromyalgia go away.

(Is that confusing enough? LOL!)

Thanks for the encouragement. <3