Monday, January 19, 2009

Goals are good!

I can write down goals a hundred times and have them posted, but it does nothing for me if I don't have a deadline looming.  A self-imposed deadline isn't really what I mean, I'm talking about a people-are-going-to-see-you kind of deadline.

You may remember last year I ordered a swim suit as a GOAL piece.  It's a size 8.  I tried it on yesterday, and it's incredible how different my body looks than this time last year.  HOWEVER, I have a good 15 lbs before that thing fits anywhere near the way it was designed.  I'm going to NOLA with some friends in March, and I have just the timeline to lose 15 lbs.  I'll be staying at a hotel with a heated, saltwater pool, and I am taking that swimsuit with me.  I'm also going to be ordering some new underwear, jammies, etc, and I'm ordering a medium instead of a large.  

As much as I love to hate Jillian and her 30 day Shred, I think with my Fibromyalgia this is not the time to do it.  We had a cold snap here last week, and I couldn't do it.  I did good to walk most days.  Last night I did 30 minutes of my Pilates video, and it was nice.  I think the Shredding that I've done has helped me to really isolate muscles, and it made my Pilates workout much more effective last night.  The Pilates feels nice and doesn't suck all my energy, plus it gives me some stretch and flexibility.  I've been losing some of that, especially in my left leg.

The handsome hubs will be underway soon, so plan on seeing some good posts from me.  It's SO much easier with him gone.  

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