Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Healthy Again...

Let's discuss the irony of the name of this blog.  My goal last year was to really take charge of my life - my body, mind, and soul.  I have made some FABULOUS changes.  Our family got involved in a church here, which has been filling a very spacious void.  I was awarded a scholarship and started taking classes online.  Boy has that been more of a challenge than I expected.  I joined Weight Watchers and lost 27 lbs (but I've gained a few back...).  I'm seeing definition in my body from working out.  All of these things are VERY good.  

The best part of those changes is that I can see my children absorbing them.  My little guy, just shy of 3 years old, talks about snacks being "good choices" or not-so-good choices.  It warmed my heart when we went to a local chicken finger joint and he chose my cole slaw over his french fries.  Working out has become a family thing... the boys do a few minutes of The Shred with us, which is hysterical.  Chase even tries to do my pilates with me.  LOL.  Just picture that.  They are growing by leaps and bounds inside and out, and I'm so proud of the big kids they are becoming... aware of healthy choices, oblivious (or accepting, I'm not sure which) of differences in other people, and SO affectionate.

So here's the irony:  I am feeling lousy.  We've gotten another cold snap the last 2 days here, and I'm barely able to walk again.  I had ice on my car yesterday and again today.  My hips are aching like crazy.  I made the decision not to try to Shred every day.  I think my body cannot handle it right now.  From what I've read, with Fibromyalgia you should work out even when you don't feel like it, but I'm pretty sure they haven't met Jillian Michaels.  ...just going out on a limb on that one...  Pilates and more joint-friendly exercises are going to become the norm for a little while until I get this pain under control.

I guess from my physical exhaustion, pain, and fatigue, deadlines for school, and a looming patrol for the hubby, I am feeling a great deal of overwhelm.  The good thing, food choice-wise, is that it's the end of a pay period, so we're short on food - especially bad food.  Over the holidays I had a lot of fun, but I drank a lot of carbonated crap, and calories in a glass.  I know NYE is one night, and all that jazz, but it seems like the past month has been filled with rum and coke nights here and there.  Diet coke isn't diet when you add rum to it.  :p  

I'm still waiting on some lab work for my thyroid.  One doctor suspected hyperthyroid, but the rheumatologist said I'm exhibiting hypothyroid symptoms.  My thyroid is enlarged, my hair is falling out, and other misc TMI symptoms that you don't wanna know about.  

Okay, so even though I've been diagnosed with a new disease, I can still continue my quest to be healthy again.  It's just going to require another paradigm shift.  Before long I'm going to be the San Andreas fault of paradigm shifting.  Watch out, world... the big one's coming.

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