Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heavy sighs and rubbing thighs

It's Thursday! That means weigh in day. Today's number? 184. I think I remember seeing that some place before... OH, I know! Last week!

I'm feeling persnickety, grumpy, and just yucky. This whole week has been a wrong side of the bed week. I love that the weather is cooler in the morning, but I HATE that it is in the 80's by noon. I long for fall. I want to be outside, but I want my body to be able to stand it, not feel like I'm smothering! I'm experiencing PMS symptoms like crazy, which is neat considering I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. I do still have my ovaries, hence the hormonal flux.

I'm stressed. Dealing (or trying not to deal and letting Stuart do it instead) with all the wreck stuff is repulsive. It has been a month, and I am still hurting, still afraid when I drive, still not sleeping through the night. The insurance of the lady that hit me is a nightmare, and both my insurance company and I are fed up with it.

I didn't work out this week, so my chart has been a dust collector, essentially. I know I could have lost a few pounds if I'd tried, but the truth is, I didn't. I didn't try. I am just blah right now. I feel like there is no time, like I am just a mom, like I am not a real human right now. I need for April to get here soon, so Stuart and I can take our trip. I need to feel like a woman. I want to feel sexy. I want to be confident - or at least want to be in public.

I feel a lot of negative rambling sneaking in, so I'm going to stop myself. Today is Oct. 1. September is officially over. It is time to move on from the sadness, loss, and negativity that the month brought. Time to move ahead.


Zach and Beth said...

Girl, you are preaching to the choir this week! I am starting WW meetings next week b/c I need some accountability and I think going in and weighing in in front of someone else (where they tell me how much I weigh) will make me do that. Let's do it!

Chrissy said...

DUDE! You have to work out and cheer up! It's October, and after October is November. Do you know what that means?

November is Sweet Potato Casserole month!!!


That means we need to work our butts off so we can sit have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week after Thanksgiving! That is unless we eat it all in the first two days.

Chrissy said...

AND Maybe the chart is collecting dust because the lines are crooked. :p