Saturday, October 3, 2009


I worked out yesterday. I didn't use my blue resistance band, I used the green, because I was worried about the blue being too much for me. Apparently the green one was too much. I am feeling very frustrated about the physical results of my wreck. I am angry. I was paying attention. I was doing what I was supposed to. This other lady isn't paying attention and doesn't even get a freaking TICKET, much less is she still hurting over a month later.

I am and will always be grateful that we walked away from that wreck. It could have been much worse. In a time where I'm already feeling down, though, knowing that Pilates - the one exercise besides walking that my doc would approve for me - is making me hurt this badly, is very frustrating. VERY. My neck was really sore last night and today my poor hips, back, and knees are killing me.

I am going to rise above this. It will take time, and I just need to be patient. It is making it harder to resist wallowing in the carbohydrate-laden pity party of emotional eating, though.

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Milli' said...

Just say no!! I know you can do it. :)