Monday, August 17, 2009

Playing dress up isn't the same...

I will see the hubby soon. He's been on patrol since mid-July. Tonight I decided to try on a couple of outfits for when I see him. The person I am seeing in the mirror weighs at least 220 lbs, though I weigh 181 right now. I cannot see what I really look like, I don't think. Or maybe it's because my clothes are fitting looser and are just looking sloppy? I do know that I'm disappointed that my arms have a lot of really loose skin. I need to work harder on toning.

I hope when he sees me he notices. Surely he'll have to, right? I'm not doing this for him, but I need the reassurance from someone who hasn't seen me in a while, KWIM? I need to hear that I look great, and I need to know that someone notices the hard work I've put in these past weeks.

While he's home we have to take some more progress pictures. Maybe that will help?

I know most of you that read this have dealt with weight fluctuations and whatnot. I don't remember feeling like this last year. Is this a normal reaction? Last year I felt SO good, and WANTED to try on clothes. Right now I'm just feeling blech.

Okay. I need to get to bed. My eyes are tired, and I'm starting to ramble. ;) Good night, all!

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Zach and Beth said...

Amber, I am SO proud of you!!! You are rockin' it girl! I'm starting today again. Since I'm alone for a couple of weeks (nothing like what you have to deal with - just want to hug you) I want to take time to get it together. I'll be taking my "before" pics today. Yuck. I want to cry already.

Anyway. I'm so happy for you. I totally get the still-seeing-yourself-xpounds-heavier-than-you-are feeling. I do that all the time.

Ok, long enough. Love you!