Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Warped Vision

We're planning our trip to Texas next week.  I am really excited because, although I am changing plans with the gorgeous Leah and her family, I get to spend New Year's Eve with my sisters.  This hasn't happened in quite some time.  My middle sister celebrates every year, and loves going all out and dressing up, and enjoying the night like many other successful DINKs do.  The party she's hosting this year has a theme, even:  Black & White.

Being a mom, living in jeans and changing into yoga pants ASAP, my wardrobe lacked some necessary oomph.  A trip to TJ Maxx was in order.  The thing I love about stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls is that you can try on many different types of clothing all at once, and it's kind of like a treasure hunt in the process.  I don't mind digging and looking for a diamond in the rough.  I will say, it's more fun with a friend.  There's nothing like giggling for hours in the fitting rooms at discount stores and trying on outlandish things that end up looking good.  

I took 7 items to the fitting room with me.  One was a duplicate shirt.  It was really cute, kind of a racerback sleeveless top, and the front was like a tuxedo shirt.  Very cute, but it buttoned.  That can be tricky with an ample bosom.  I grabbed a Large, thought for a moment, and grabbed the XL as well.  I also took another shirt that was a Large, a size 12 satin top, a long dress that was a Large, a shirt off the clearance rack that I thought was black (but was actually navy blue), and for grins, a size Medium dress.

In the fitting room, I tried on the XL tuxedo shirt first.  I really liked the shirt, and did NOT want to crush myself by trying on the Large and having to settle for trying on the bigger one.  Unfortunately, I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about.  It's crushing to have to resort to going up a size.  The beautiful thing was that it was too large.  MUCH too large.  I tried on the smaller of the same shirt.  It was a little too big, as well, but there was no way a smaller size would fasten.  Oh, well.  It was a no-go.

The navy blue shirt was discarded immediately.  Cute top, just not appropriate for a B&W party.  My error kind of reminded me of the day in high school when my choir teacher wore one black shoe and one navy one.  Yup, Mrs. Pierce... those colors can be downright tricky.

The size 12 satin top was white, and fit, except over my chest.  For the record, satin has no give.  The long, black dress was too long, and not quite right.  The other top I took back there was that trapeze cut that flared out a lot, and it was too big in the first place.  NOT flattering.  

The last thing I tried on?  The size Medium.  I cannot allow myself, somehow, to admit that I can wear a medium.  When I shuffle through the racks, I still find myself leaning toward the 14s and the XL sizes.  My head knows that I've lost weight.  My eyes, though, cannot see it.  My eyes are still seeing the body I had in April of this past year.  

It was amazing trying on the dress, and it fit really nicely.  I didn't purchase it, though, and I'm a little reluctant about that.  It wasn't dressy enough for the occasion, and I didn't have extra money to just be shopping for myself.  It had a really great neckline, and wasn't too clingy.  Maybe we'll meet again another time...  

I did end up going to the mall and shopping in XXI, a store that recently opened locally.  It's really nice to be able to shop in a junior's size store with the sense and modesty of an adult.  They have some fabulous things in there, but they have some things that are quite inappropriate for me.  LOL.  I ended up purchasing a sleeveless knit top that is just dressy enough without being too much.  I'm not sure whether I'll be wearing it with dark jeans or black pants just yet, but it'll look great either way.  I feel sure of it.

You can certainly expect some pictures of me and my sisters from the party.  Just have to wait a week or so.  ;)

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